Spreading The Message

"Upcycling isn’t just the practice of transforming old materials into useable objects, it’s the process of breathing a new lease of life into well used and loved items to give them a new story and personality. All this while at the same time creating something that is useful, functional and beautiful.
This seemingly basic concept has sparked an exciting revolution in recent times, a revolution that anyone can join" - Gumtree

Supporting The Upcycling Community

"At Gumtree we exist to help you upgrade your life. And we like to make things easy, which is why we came up with Easy Buy, Easy Sell. Now we want to help you take advantage of the upcycling opportunities out there, which is why as part of National Recycling Week we’re campaigning for National Upcycling Day to be held on the 24th June and are teaming up with a group of the UKs hottest upcycling and lifestyle bloggers to create the Gumtree Guide to Upcycling." - Gumtree

Join Gumtree's Upcycling Revolution...

If you see amazing potential in discarded items and love expressing you creativity, this is for you...
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