About Me

As I get closer to 40, I am becoming more aware of the importance understanding my limitations, accepting them and finding ways to achieve my ambitions in spite of them. I am also increasingly able to appreciate good fortune, without pining for the extravagant glories that drove my more youthful ambitions. In that context, my beautiful family is a blessing and the permanent nerve injury that reduced me to disability in 2011 is a challenge to be met with gusto.

A return to this creative career path was initially recommended as a form of therapy to help me adapt to the changes in my life, and to help me identify with something useful from my life before the accident, in other words to help me feel like 'the real me' again. My personal aims are still defined by that original purpose, and on one level I simply want to have fun and explore the potential of my artistic/creative skills. At the same time, my strong background in the fields of interior design, visual merchandising and brand identity has taught me to frame that creative impulse with the principles governing good design and aesthetic appeal.

This approach will no doubt keep me guessing and occassionaly unsatisfied by what I produce, but I will gladly accept any frustrations involved in return for an opportunity to contribute to the family budget in spite of my condition.

Growing and Learning

I believe that I have the skills and mental capacities to overcome the challenges I will face, and the first of those will be to equip myself with certain technical skills beyond those of the average hobbyist. I plan to begin this phase of my personal development by taking opportunities to self-learn, collaborate with other makers and identify mentor figures, with the knowledge and skills that I will need to succeed.

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