As my technical skills have increased – largely a matter of experimentation and perseverance – growing confidence has freed my imagination to produce ever more interesting designs. To maintain and accelerate this growth, I have set myself a series of achievable, short-term study objectives, aimed at improving my knowledge in various disciplines, including woodwork, metalwork, applying finishes, 3D printing of bespoke parts and design of electrical systems. These skills will enable me to design and build innovative creations, using repurposed materials.

Upcycling Artisans Network

I am passionate about sharing the wonderful creativity of upcycling, and the growing number of people who are expressing themselves through creative reuse, reinvention and reimagining of everyday materials into all manner of brilliant creations.

I hope to build a local network of individuals and groups who believe in the potential of using whatever they can find to make anything they want to. Just because it's fun and better than throwing it away.

Social Impact and Involvement

I believe that in every community there are people who would benefit from the kind of simple yet enjoyable craft and upcycling sessions that I would like to introduce.
I will research and gauge the responses for these workshops, and plan which locations would most welcome this project and the scope of its potential for positive change in our communities.
I hope to work closely with community foundations across the region to encourage a model for social enterprise, motivated towards sharing the wonderful creativity of an upcycling population at large. From the youngest to the oldest, we are all affected by the fragility of our only planet, so a global consciousness must be established to share and promote the importance of looking after it and finding clever ways to use the things we have laying around.

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