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Magnus Lind

I got in touch with David after seeing some pictures online of his creations.
The item I was interested in was already sold which turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

We got chatting, he told me about his work and how he tries to find inspiration in his surroundings and work with materials that otherwise gets discarded. I decided to give him full creative freedom, and just sent him a photo of the room it was supposed to be in and told him where I wanted to put a light.

Turns out I was right to put my faith in David. What I got was a funky, original and truly inspired piece of art. Very different from the item I first looked at and completely different from any other lights I’ve ever seen.

I highly recommend David and will definitely buy from him again in the near future.

Magnus Lind

Grebbestad, Sweden

“Love the creativity and the unusual approach to upcycling – creating new and beautiful objects in unexpected and original ways.” – Gumtree

Gumtree's National Upcycling Week

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Eco Design and Creative Upcycling are welcome antidotes to disposable consumerism and built-in obselescence that prioritise imagination and creativity over materialistic exhibitionism.

S. Harris

Customer Comment - M. Lidington

Absolutely love my new lamp! Totally unique and created with me in mind; what better way to support an emerging artist, promote up-cycling and enjoy a genuinely interesting piece of work that brings an extra dimension of colour and character to my home. Keep creating David!!

Customer review - Gray Family

"So lovely to meet you today David. We are delighted to home the inspiring spike lamp, our portal to another realm of reality. We love your ethics towards art, creation and family priorities. Looking forward to more of your work of course. Peace and good health to you and your family. "
Sophie & Matthew