Upcycle (Creative reuse) verb

1 [ no obj. ] Using discarded objects or material in such a way as to create a product of higher quality or value than the original.
Any material can inspire an idea, the possibilities are endless.

About Todd Designs

Todd Designs is the result of me trying to explore my creativity and problem-solving nature. I set out to explore my comfort level as a way of saving money initially, but it soon became a passion.
Most new products available on the high street ask customers to accept short-term obsolescence, often at the whim of fleeting fashion trends. They make little effort to appeal to the consumer's sense of individuality, or to soften the environmental impact of such a disposable culture. I hope to develop a brand that sends a clear message on the importance of environmental sustainability, but still offers products that are fun, functional and fascinating to the consumer.LEARN MORE

My products and creations

The principle of recycling or upcycling is particularly suited to the production of personalised, tailor-made gifts or keepsakes.

I am passionate about making things that do not follow the rules or try to imitate other products.
Part of the creative process as an upcycling artisan is to find resources and materials that would usually be discarded into landfill, but are too interesting to throw away.
I enjoy treating materials with a fresh approach and looking for their potential to be given a new purpose as a new piece of one-off art or design.LEARN MORE

Projects in progress...

The spark of inspiration often comes when I least expect it; I may be scratching my head over one puzzle, when I will spot something out of the corner of my eye and get a sudden jolt of excitement as I find the missing piece of another project. I am comfortable with this process, and being constantly on the hunt for interesting items means that original inspiration is always just around the corner. This is the reason why the products I make are completely one-off.
I especially love it when friends and strangers tell me: "I've got this thing I was going to throw out... do you want to do something with it?"
Donations are always accepted!LEARN MORE

Customer Feedback and Reviews

As I have grown as an artisan, my creations have found appreciation from others... Some of these people have become customers and some have just enjoyed watching my journey.

Here, these people have a chance to offer feedback, quotes and reviews of their experiences and observations.Learn More

Gumtree's Upcycling Revolution

Find out more about how Gumtree are promoting an upcycling community and positive attitudes towards creative reuse and material swapping...Learn More

Future projects

As my technical skills have increased – largely a matter of experimentation and perseverance – growing confidence has freed my imagination to produce ever more interesting designs. To maintain and accelerate this growth, I have set myself a series of achievable, short-term study objectives, aimed at improving my knowledge in various disciplines, including woodwork, metalwork, applying finishes, 3D printing of bespoke parts and design of electrical systems.
I hope to develop exciting designs that show not only an aesthetic appeal but also a commitment to responsible design, resourcing materials, and the environmental impact of both production processes and energy consumption.

Community projects

I work with the pupils at local primary schools, taking old and discarded items from around the school with the aim of creating a series of creative pieces in collaboration with the students. These items will then be donated back to the school for display, use and fundraising for future school projects.

These workshops are designed to underline the importance of educating people, young and old, about the impact to the environment of the disposable culture found in high-street shopping and the home decorating industry. 40% of UK household waste goes to landfill, and production processes are often focused on mass-producing items.

I welcome the opportunity to advocate the virtues of being creative and finding a use for many items and materials that would otherwise be given up on.

If you have a project to promote or would like to arrange a workshop, please contact David @ Todd Designs.